Gallery Opening

Well, it has been a long two years, and I know we’ve all been struggling through this unprecedented, one-in-a-lifetime pandemic. The Governor is soon lifting the state mandates, and I’m hopeful we are at the tail end of this thing and life can start getting somewhat back to normal. During the pandemic, I was overwhelmed with extra work from my full-time job, which didn’t leave me my much needed time to create new work.

As February soon comes to an end and the pandemic becomes an endemic, I am looking back at how this has all affected my art. During the pandemic I was preoccupied with everything pandemic related. Work, keeping myself safe, keeping my family safe, staying out of public places, keeping up with work, which was severely impacted by the pandemic, and more. I came down with COVID early on, before the vaccinations were approved for use, and thankfully had a very mild case with nothing more than cold-like symptoms for a few days. I have not created a new work of art in many months as a result, but have several works in progress.

My husband and I took time during the pandemic to take care of some many long overdue house renovations, and one was the creation of a private, separate space for my art studio. I know have a beautiful, peaceful place of my own, dubbed the “Blue Room,” because of the color I chose for the walls and the Blue Oak flooring to match (gorgeous). Now I have all my art supplies, two desks, two walls of shelving, a supply hutch, and lots of inspiration in a peaceful place that looks out on the forest that I can call my own.

I hope that we can all be renewed as we come out of the worst of the pandemic with a fresh sense of self and the world around us and a greater appreciations for the connections we have with animals, nature, and each other. It’s a wonderful world we live in, if we can look at the sunny side. Best regards.

I am eager to finish up my in-progress artwork and recently got news that our local art gallery, run by our Frankfort Art Association, which had to close because of the pandemic, has now found a brand new snazzy place in historic Frankfort to call their new home.

I will be showing one of my pieces, “Wilbur Giraffe (Hurrumph!)” at the inaugural show, “Recently.” I am excited to see the new gallery soon, and the art shows are coming back on line finally, and I’m scheduled for several in the next few months. The weather is getting warmer, things are feeling better and cheerier, and I’m excited to get into my new space and work on some brand new creations.

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