About the Artist

Sandi Dornhecker is a professional award-winning artist that specializes in animals and nature, including exotics and pet portraits.

She has an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Science, with a major in Management. She is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), the CPSA Chicago District Chapter, the Pencil Art Society, the Association of Animal Artists, and the Frankfort Arts Association, among other professional groups.

Her passion for animals was born at a very young age, which eventually led her to her  dream job as the Vice President of Human Resources of one of the world’s finest zoos, Brookfield Zoo, where she has worked for over 20 years.  Her second career as an artist stems from her love of drawing, arts and crafts, coupled with her deep affection for animals and nature.

Her passion for animals is also evident in the menagerie of animals (domestic and exotic) she has adopted personally over the years, the several animal rescues she is involved in and supports, as well as in the subjects of her artwork.  She works to capture the details and the soulful personality and character of each of her subjects.

Sandi works in a variety of mediums, but she is particularly fond of colored pencils, pastels, and mixed media, which provide the depth and intricate detail she seeks in her work.

For commission work, she works from high-quality photos chosen by the client.  A detailed price list is available on the Price and Size Guide page, and more information on Reference Photos is available on the Reference Photos page.

Sandi strives, through her art, to bring attention to endangered species and the important role people play in the conservation of wildlife and the environment.  Through her artwork, she works to better connect people with animals and nature, educate the public about what they can do to protect animals and the natural world, and support important conservation causes.